These are photos of  ‘WARP + WEFT’ by Katharina Hinsberg from the textile arts exhibition Cloth & Memory (2), curated by Lesley Miller.

The work of 23 UK and international artists is exhibited in the former Spinning Room of Titus Salt’s Salts Mill, Saltaire, Bradford.

In 1853 when the mill complex was completed, it was the largest factory in the world and in its heyday the mill manufactured over 30,000 yards of alpaca cloth (using fleece imported from Peru) per day. The Spinning Room is 168 meters long and the exhibition catalogue details how at the peak of production the Spinning Room ‘contained 16,380 cap spindles for spinning yarn. Raw fleece arrived at the top of the building and was processed down through the building to emerge as finished cloth.’

Hinsberg’s work responds to the space the exhibition inhabits. It references the materiality of the spinning process by its use of a simple red yarn that is used first to measure the space and then as material to remake the room as a scale model (1:100) plan or diagram. The yarn is material, memory, measurement and dimension. Employing the line and the grid she creates an abstracted but tangible model of the space and its history that makes connections between yarn, weaving, production, architecture and process.

Cloth & Memory (2)
Salts Mill
West Yorkshire BD18 3LA