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From Here and There flyer3 Luddite Drawing Plain Weave (Tim Shore) SML

From Here and There

Three of my ‘Luddite’ series drawings have been selected for the group exhibition From Here & There: Drawings from Colorado & Wales.

The exhibition, curated by Jonathan Powell, director of the Elysium Gallery (Swansea) will open first at the Clara Hatton Gallery (Colorado State University) from 26 September to 26 October 2014. The exhibiton will then travel to Wales for From Here & There: Drawings from the UK at the elysiumoffsite venue ‘The Old Iceland Building’ in Swansea.

The preview is on Friday 28 November and the show continues until 20 December.

The three A2 drawings exist only as Giclée prints (oh the irony). They explores ideas around drawing, work, craft, repetition, copying and the presence and performance of the body in the drawing process.

In making the drawings I set myself rules that I deliberately could not meet. I devised a game that pitched the production of the drawing against factors like tiredness, concentration, measurement and correctness. My methodology was guided by Marina Warner’s writing about play and the haptic qualities of making and experiential learning, and David Pye’s theory of  ‘the workmanship of risk and the workmanship of certainty.’

The drawings look like textiles and in a way represent weaving and not weaving. They look like they may be an image of plain weave, but the drawn lines are not actually interlaced and therefore only have the appearance of warp and weft superimposition. The play with production and copying and the removal of the (drawing) hand is further tested by the last iteration of the drawings in their final form as digitally produced Giclée prints.

From Here & There: Drawings from Colorado & Wales
From Here & There: Drawings from the UK


Towser Zine Archive at Uncanny Valley
Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2013
24th – 26th June

My artists’ book, Corpus, has been selected for inclusion in the Towser Zine Archive, curated by Alice Bradshaw and Vanessa Haley. The Archive features in Uncanny Valley at the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2013. The Archive was first exhibited at last year’s Holmfirth Arts Festival (2012) when artists were asked to respond to the Luddite Bicentenary theme of that year’s festival.

Uncanny Valley is an animation festival organised by Magpie Cinema. It makes an exciting connection between artists’ books, zines and animation via the shared legacy of print culture which includes, comic strip, illustration technique (like collage, montage and bricolage) and the sequential mechanical imagery of the Zoetrope.

Corpus is a hand-made artists’ book that commemorates the 17 West Yorkshire Luddites executed at York Castle in January 1813 at the height of the Luddite Uprising of 1812/1813.

Corpus, 26 page concertina fold (198 x 90 mm), white cartridge paper, cardboard sleeve, acetone transfer text.

130116 Commemoration 2

This Saturday, 19 January 2013, there’s an event to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the execution of seventeen Luddites at York Castle in 1813.

It is being hosted by the York Alternative History group. I can’t go but it promises to be interesting with talks, a commemorative event near the execution site, and a wake in the evening.

There is a wealth of contemporary accounts on Richard Holland’s exemplary Luddite Bicentenary blog and the Methodist hymn ‘Behold the Saviour of Mankind’ is the subject of a recent post.

In 1813 the local newspaper, The Leeds Intelligencer, described the condemned men singing the hymn prior to their execution. The hymn was probably sung to the tune, ‘Martyrdom’ which you can hear on the post. I love this simple (imperfect) rendition. Its directness and power remind me of The Miners’ Hymn, a collaboration between composer Jóhann Jóhannsson and filmmaker Bill Morrison.

I wanted to contribute to the 200th anniversary event but time and other commitments got in the way, the image above didn’t get beyond first ideas.


Recently got all my old APS (Advanced Photo System) film rolls scanned and these pictures turned up. They were prepatory material for an animation project (1999), but never used. But interesting now because of recent thinking about the body, hand and gesture, and also the grain of the film is a surprise!

Full set (17) on Flickr

Luddite Drawings (#4,5,6,7)

A1 newsprint, pencil, carbon copy, folding and cutting.

Homfirth Arts Festival 2012

Writing Frame, installed in The Old Print Shop, 19 Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth. From Sunday 17 to Sunday 24 June 2012.

Homfirth Arts Festival 2012

Here’s a link to the Facebook event page for Writing Frame:

Homfirth Arts Festival 2012

The Nook Brewhouse, Holmfirth has specially brewed two festival beers, Twisted In and Sedition. I’ve designed the pump label image for Twisted In (a light ale, 4.0%). Both beers are being served as a draught at the Towser Bothy, Carniceira and the Nook during the festival.

Homfirth Arts Festival 2012

Writing Frame is an installation for this year’s Holmfirth Arts Festival.

It’s in response to a call for works that respond to the 200th anniversary of the the Luddite uprising. Writing Frame is a series of linked A1 ‘cards’ that cascades off a simple wooden frame. Punched into the paper is a continuous text that appears to ‘run on’ and reads:

‘Enoch hath made them and Enoch shall break them.’

Enoch was the name given to the iron sledgehammers used by the Luddites to smash the frames which were also made by the same Enoch Taylor of Marsden. I was going to get the paper laser cut but it cost too much and so instead I’ve used a dot matrix font as a template, drawing and cutting out the letter forms myself by hand.

Musee Manufacture des Flanders

Last weekend (Friday 30 April) I went to Lille and visited the Musee Manufactures des Flanders, in Roubaix. These are details of punched cards for Jacquard looms.

Musee Manufacture des Flanders