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Snowed in and can’t get to my studio in Brixton, so decided to upload these versions of a working drawing. The tape is for a stencil which will represent the yarn on a frame. I need to work on the sequencing and structure of the yarn as it wraps around what will be two frames. I’m thinking about the making of the warp chain on a warping mill, in preparation for threading onto a handloom for weaving.

The chain is wound in a particular order and formed into a chain as it is brought off the mill. It looks a bit like a strudel. This video gives you an idea. I’m interested in creating a notation and schematic that describes the elaborate and choreographed motion of the hand and the yarn.

The woodgrain paper is from Paperchase. It’s for doll’s houses, and they’ve stocked it for years.  It’s printed on very thin cheap paper and I’m addicted to it.


Recently got all my old APS (Advanced Photo System) film rolls scanned and these pictures turned up. They were prepatory material for an animation project (1999), but never used. But interesting now because of recent thinking about the body, hand and gesture, and also the grain of the film is a surprise!

Full set (17) on Flickr