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Went to the Oskar Fischinger exhibition at EYE, Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. EYE Film Institute Netherlands opened in 2012, it is another example of wonky iconic architecture (think gherkin, cheesegrater, walkie-talkie, shard) and it’s a very short ferry ride from the central station, across the IJ to Amsterdam-Noord.

Amsterdam EYE
The exhibition – Oskar Fischinger 1900 – 1967: Experiments in Cinematic Abstraction – is organised by EYE Filmmuseum and Center for Visual Music and surveys Fischinger’s work and career in Europe and America. The animation work is really well installed with large screens in properly dark rooms, sound proofing and a projection system which plays one film after another throughout the show. This is so much better than the admittedly bigger and more ambitious ‘Watch Me Move: The Animation Show’ at the Barbican in 2011 which was crowded, noisy and made viewing anything in its entirety very difficult to do.

Amserdam Fischinger 02
The individually painted gouache frames for ‘Quadrate’ (squares) 1934, are beautiful works of art in their own right and there is something about the simple materials; gouache paint on cheap animation paper (all though not a format I recognise) that is really attractive. And although it is really dull to forever go on about how long it takes to make animation, here the precision and physical quality of the hand-drawn and individually painted frames is kind of miraculous. Or maybe he had assistants.

At the end of the show there are examples of Fischinger’s graphical drawn sound experiments. Brilliant.

Amserdam Fischinger 04

Lambeth Open
Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October

I’m taking part in Lambeth Open Studios this weekend. I’ll be in situ from 10am to 6pm on both days, along with other artists at ASC studios in Brixton Village and beyond (36 venues and over 100 artists and crafts people in Lambeth).

My studio is 14b, 5th Avenue, Brixton Village Studios, Granville Arcade, Brixton SW9 8PS

This is how I’ve described myself for the event:

Tim Shore works with moving image, drawing (of sorts) and installation. He likes cardboard, packaging and model making but does very little of the latter. He collects sketchbooks and different notebooks and tends not to use them. He is attempting to draw again, but is nervous about working without a ruler and so he’s mainly drawing lines, grids, charts, and lines that cross over other lines. He worries about what his work should be about, likes history and is fascinated by the Luddite Uprising of 1812/13. It’s a long time ago, marginal, and he is aware that its legacy is troubled with misunderstanding, negativity and accusations of irrelevance. He recently did a short and very intensive hand weaving course and wonders how Luddites, weaving, lines and computers might all be bound together.

More information here at





I’m showing work in the Wirksworth Festival 2011.

MDF, Plinth, Lettering, Card, Brick, Booklet.

Drift proposes a re-siting of South London’s iconic Battersea Power Station into the centre of the conservation area in the Derbyshire town of Wirksworth – thus obliterating much of the conservation area with a building that itself has been left to decay.

Contemporary Visual Arts programme 10th – 25th September
Wirksworth Festival 2011
Curated by David Gilbert