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Caution_Philosophy_72DPI_05Caution_Plurabelle_72DPI_01Caution_Philosophy_72DPI_04Caution_Philosophy_72DPI_03Caution (plan form) Tim Shore 72dpi

Cambridge, 17 October  – 13 November

Yesterday I attacked Cambridge with my corrugated cardboard quiver of one hundred arrow shaped ‘cautionary’ paper bookmarks.

My targets were Adam Smith, Darwin, Malthus, Riccardo et al. in the stacks of the Philosophy Library at the University of Cambridge, Sidgwick site.

I didn’t find Smith’s ‘An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations’ (1776) but I did discover his ‘Essays on Philosophical subjects’ (1795) under Modern Philosophy in the Metaphysics section A32 – A42.

I set to work. Because the bookmarks work best when massed together I clustered them around Adam Smith in a small space between two book stacks and now that the bookmarks are installed I’ve realised that /CAUTION/ is a sculptural and spatial installation that disrupts the grid of the library system.

The bookmarks are oversized and too large to be placed inside books so instead they are positioned in the spaces between the individual books, projecting out of the stack and into the library space. The bookmark’s diagonal motif – seen in its design and structure and its use of metaphor – extends the Cartesian x y plane of the library structure, experienced in book case, spine and shelf by extending along the z axis into three dimensional space.

The bookmarks themselves will be prone to disruption and displacement because the 70 or so placed in the Philosophy Library impede the students access to books. Over the duration of the art:language:location exhibition the installation is liable to displacement, replacement and destruction. Its final form is largely dependent on the engagement and playfulness of the faculty’s Philosophy students.

Or maybe they will stay away and not touch, because when I had finished making the installation I saw that the massed bookmarks presented an angry cluster of dense yellow and black darts or quills to the library suggesting that (the) books are not for reading.

A smaller cluster of bookmarks has also been installed in the stock of Plurabelle Books.

Casimir Lewy Library
Faculty of Philosophy
Sidgwick Avenue

Library Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm

Plurabelle Books
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Jodie Foster is okay to go down the wormhole

My text based work Jodie Foster is okay to go down the wormhole installed at QUAD for the group exhibition Event Horizon (Friday 27 September to Sunday 1 December 2013).

Walking up from the mezzanine to the first floor and looking back down again and noticing how its almost impossible to photograph the work in situ. It’s not really a mezzanine, it’s somewhere where the staircase stops and turns a corner, affording a view of the Market place and also a peek down to the BFI Mediatheque on the ground floor (not shown).

Marzipan_01 Marzipan_02 Marzipan_03 Marzipan_04This book is devoted to Marzipan and its many uses. We will not argue the merits or otherwise of using our Ground Almonds or Marzipan or Macaroon Paste. It is sufficient to say that all three, providing correct mixings are used, will do the job, but we would stress that modern practice is to use properly balanced manufactured products which do not vary in quality or consistency.

You can do no better than continue to put your faith in RENSHAW.

From the forward to MARZIPAN by John F. Renshaw & Co., Ltd, Mitcham, Surrey, England (n.d.)