09_TS_ Event_Horizon_Laser_72DPI
10_TS_ Event_Horizon_Hand_Cut_72DPI

My text based work ‘Jodie Foster is okay to go down the worm hole.’ has been selected for QUAD’s Event Horizon exhibition, which opens on the 27 September.

The exhibition call asked for works that responded to the question:  “If the improbable were possible and you leapt into a black hole or a wormhole – the cosmos’ equivalents of trapdoors and hidden doorways that cut through the fabric of space-time – how do you envisage this experience?”

I don’t know how to begin to imagine it. But I do know that I admire Jodie Foster’s pluck and determination to have a go very inspiring. The full text reads ‘I’M / OK / TO / GO / x15’ and is from a pivotal scene in the feature film Contact (Robert Zemeckis, 1997). She repeats it about 15 times (it’s hard to be exact, it’s quite fragmented).

The five text panels will be laser cut and wall mounted in sequence. The second image is my hand cut test version, straight lines are ok but even with a French curve I couldn’t manage the demanding curves of four Os and one G.

Event Horizon

27th September – 1st December 2013
Exhibition around QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces