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Jodie Foster is okay to go down the wormhole

My text based work Jodie Foster is okay to go down the wormhole is in the group exhibition Event Horizon at QUAD, Derby from Friday 27 September to Sunday 1 December 2013.

The work is made from the short phrase “I’m ok to go” which is repeated approximately 15 times by the actress Jodie Foster (playing scientist Eleanor Arroway) in Robert Zemeckis’s feature film ‘Contact’ (1997).

At a pivotal point in the film Jodie is found on the cusp of a very flashy CGI sequence that will launch her into the unknown and fling her down a wormhole to eventually arrive at a distant planet called Vega. There she will meet an alien who has considerately taken on the outward appearance of her deceased father (to make it less psychologically overwhelming for her).

The work celebrates Foster’s performance and her absolute desire to inhabit the role of a space scientist – on the cusp of what must be one of the greatest theoretical journeys unknown to humankind – to offer an alternative version of a fictional visualisation of an unknowable event.

Jodie Foster is okay to go down the wormhole is about performance, belief, anticipation, not knowing and Hollywood. It recontextualises a text from a significant and well-known work of popular culture to explore the theme of the Event Horizon exhibition – ‘the great sense of the unknown’.

Event Horizon is part of the Time Travel season at QUAD that also includes the Lindsay Seers show ‘Monocular4’ in the QUAD gallery.


These are photos of  ‘WARP + WEFT’ by Katharina Hinsberg from the textile arts exhibition Cloth & Memory (2), curated by Lesley Miller.

The work of 23 UK and international artists is exhibited in the former Spinning Room of Titus Salt’s Salts Mill, Saltaire, Bradford.

In 1853 when the mill complex was completed, it was the largest factory in the world and in its heyday the mill manufactured over 30,000 yards of alpaca cloth (using fleece imported from Peru) per day. The Spinning Room is 168 meters long and the exhibition catalogue details how at the peak of production the Spinning Room ‘contained 16,380 cap spindles for spinning yarn. Raw fleece arrived at the top of the building and was processed down through the building to emerge as finished cloth.’

Hinsberg’s work responds to the space the exhibition inhabits. It references the materiality of the spinning process by its use of a simple red yarn that is used first to measure the space and then as material to remake the room as a scale model (1:100) plan or diagram. The yarn is material, memory, measurement and dimension. Employing the line and the grid she creates an abstracted but tangible model of the space and its history that makes connections between yarn, weaving, production, architecture and process.

Cloth & Memory (2)
Salts Mill
West Yorkshire BD18 3LA

CAUTION TShore 72DPI Border


A small cautionary bookmark that acts as sign, symbol, warning and placeholder.

The bookmarks will be deployed randomly within the open access stock of the University of Cambridge’s Philosophy Library.

The form of the bookmark is based on the alternate black and yellow oblique stripe pattern of hazard or caution tape, also known as Barricade tape – a visual warning system that is understood to communicate danger, caution or hazard.

The bookmark duplicates and reverses the oblique stripe pattern to create a chevron that is then crudely fashioned into an arrow or pointer that is aimed at the library stack.

A cautionary warning is contained within the bookmark.


October 17 – November 3 2013

Casimir Lewy Library
Faculty of Philosophy
Sidgwick Avenue

Library Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm

Tape_Measure_Close_800W_01 Tape_Measure_Mid_800W_02
Wirksworth Festival 2013

Tape Measure is finished, delivered, assembled and safely installed in the window of Airr Clothing, Market Place, Wirksworth.

The festival starts today and is on until Sunday 22 September.

Wirksworth Festival 2013


Tape Measure

Working on my installation for the Wirksworth Festival 2013. I’m installing later this week for the festival opening on Friday 6 September.

I had to rethink how I was going to make my original proposal and so made a new maquette and then tried to work out how to translate from cardboard and paper to the real thing. Turns out I just needed to use more cardboard and paper, some wood and then get laser cutting, stitching, folding and slotting. The individual parts of the installation are almost all now made and I will be assembling it on site on Thursday night.

Tape Measure will be in the window of Airr Clothing, the Market Place, Wirksworth for the duration of the festival from Friday 6 to Sunday 22 September.

Tape Measure is one of 10 Contemporary Visual Art commissioned for this year’s festival. Festival details here and also information about the Contemporary Visual Art Focus weekend at the new Northern Light Cinema, Wirksworth on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September.

09_TS_ Event_Horizon_Laser_72DPI
10_TS_ Event_Horizon_Hand_Cut_72DPI

My text based work ‘Jodie Foster is okay to go down the worm hole.’ has been selected for QUAD’s Event Horizon exhibition, which opens on the 27 September.

The exhibition call asked for works that responded to the question:  “If the improbable were possible and you leapt into a black hole or a wormhole – the cosmos’ equivalents of trapdoors and hidden doorways that cut through the fabric of space-time – how do you envisage this experience?”

I don’t know how to begin to imagine it. But I do know that I admire Jodie Foster’s pluck and determination to have a go very inspiring. The full text reads ‘I’M / OK / TO / GO / x15’ and is from a pivotal scene in the feature film Contact (Robert Zemeckis, 1997). She repeats it about 15 times (it’s hard to be exact, it’s quite fragmented).

The five text panels will be laser cut and wall mounted in sequence. The second image is my hand cut test version, straight lines are ok but even with a French curve I couldn’t manage the demanding curves of four Os and one G.

Event Horizon

27th September – 1st December 2013
Exhibition around QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces