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It was late. I was working. There was an accident.

Accident (Joseph Losey, 1967). Written by Harold Pinter, adapted from the novel by Nicholas Mosley. Images from Venus in and out of Furs: Joseph Losey’s “Eve” & “Accident” a post by Brecht Andersch at SFMOMA


Just looking at the last drawing in the post below and realised how much it reminds me of elements from the animated music video ‘Accidents Will Happen’ (1979) by Elvis Costello. The graphic(y) isomeric projections featured in it were made by Cucumber Studios (Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton),  I’ve been recently been telling my students to look at it, so maybe not so surprising.


Snowed in and can’t get to my studio in Brixton, so decided to upload these versions of a working drawing. The tape is for a stencil which will represent the yarn on a frame. I need to work on the sequencing and structure of the yarn as it wraps around what will be two frames. I’m thinking about the making of the warp chain on a warping mill, in preparation for threading onto a handloom for weaving.

The chain is wound in a particular order and formed into a chain as it is brought off the mill. It looks a bit like a strudel. This video gives you an idea. I’m interested in creating a notation and schematic that describes the elaborate and choreographed motion of the hand and the yarn.

The woodgrain paper is from Paperchase. It’s for doll’s houses, and they’ve stocked it for years.  It’s printed on very thin cheap paper and I’m addicted to it.

130116 Commemoration 2

This Saturday, 19 January 2013, there’s an event to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the execution of seventeen Luddites at York Castle in 1813.

It is being hosted by the York Alternative History group. I can’t go but it promises to be interesting with talks, a commemorative event near the execution site, and a wake in the evening.

There is a wealth of contemporary accounts on Richard Holland’s exemplary Luddite Bicentenary blog and the Methodist hymn ‘Behold the Saviour of Mankind’ is the subject of a recent post.

In 1813 the local newspaper, The Leeds Intelligencer, described the condemned men singing the hymn prior to their execution. The hymn was probably sung to the tune, ‘Martyrdom’ which you can hear on the post. I love this simple (imperfect) rendition. Its directness and power remind me of The Miners’ Hymn, a collaboration between composer Jóhann Jóhannsson and filmmaker Bill Morrison.

I wanted to contribute to the 200th anniversary event but time and other commitments got in the way, the image above didn’t get beyond first ideas.

121227 Steve Farrer 3 (800x600)

10 Drawings, Steve Farrer
image from

Visited Film in Space: An exhibition of film and expanded cinema selected by Guy Sherwin at Camden Arts Centre, NW3.