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Saw the digital restoration of David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia (1962) at BFI Southbank last Wednesday. Getting on for four hours long with ‘play in’ music, intermission, a fire alarm and this famous match cut. A dissolve was planned, but the editor, Anne V. Coates, saw it cut together before the optical had been delivered and realised that it worked fantastically as it was. Little White Lies’ Matt Thrift describes the edit as ‘visual onomatopoeia’ and cinema’s most ‘breathtaking match cut.’

Inspired to post these film stills by Tim Bouckley’s intriguing and inspirational film lists at

CIMG8397Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

From the 468 Bus (to South Norwood), at West Norwood, 19:03:45 and 19:03:48 on Monday 10 December 2012. Made me think of this untitled installation by Richard Wentworth at the 53rd Venice Biennale, 2009.

Richard Wentworth: Untitled. 2009 Installation, walking sticks

Which made me think of this

Chaplin's hat and cane exceeds auction expectations selling for $62,500.

And this



Recently got all my old APS (Advanced Photo System) film rolls scanned and these pictures turned up. They were prepatory material for an animation project (1999), but never used. But interesting now because of recent thinking about the body, hand and gesture, and also the grain of the film is a surprise!

Full set (17) on Flickr